Child-Proof Office

August 31st, 2007

Ever since Emma was a baby, we’ve loved being able to have her in the office with us. Now that she’s turned into a toddler (amazing transformation, by the way), she can wreck some first-class havoc with cables, filing cabinets, and anything else that is supposed to be orderly. So we’ve had to get pretty creative with our office setup in order to have her in here while we’re working.

When Selah was born, my whole family came out to visit. My dad, who is a construction contractor, helped me do some serious child-proofing. I am pretty proud of the results, so I thought I’d share some pictures with you.

The Child-Resistant Office, bird’s eye view.

(The photo has notes – click on the photo to see them.)

The Cables

My dad is very creative. Here is what we ended up doing with the cables:

More photos

What’s Next? Maybe a little toddler desk, where she can express her toddler creativity.

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I Have an iPod

August 24th, 2007

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is my FIRST iPod. I am at least six years behind the rest of the world. I am probably The Last Person In The United States To Buy Their First iPod. (Actually, that title is still held by my wife, Bethany.)

It is a wee little iPod Shuffle. This thing really is amazing – so incredibly simple. Pretty, simple, elegant, efficient.

Oh, and it was from Apple Refurbished, so it only set me back $50!