Covina Vineyard
Community Church

Covinavineyard.orgCovina Vineyard’s old website was dated, hard to update, and frankly, it wasn’t very pretty to look at. In an age when people increasingly base their first impression of a church on its homepage, we knew it was time for a new website.

As a new church expanding into the neighborhoods of Covina, they needed a website that would look great, stay fresh, and most importantly, that would reflect their values as a church and their attitude of being “a pretty good church”.

Much of the content we took content from the old site, and with a little creative editing, we integrated it into a very powerful “Investigate the Faith” section.

Using Dreamweaver, we set up templates so that people in the church office could manage the content themselves. This way we protected the integrity of the design while allowing just about anyone who knows how to use a word processor to keep the pages updated.

Services Provided

  • Graphic design
  • CSS-based template, compatible with Dreamweaver
  • Basic training for Dreamweaver
  • Content adaptation

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