Introducing Slice of Sites

August 2nd, 2006

New! Enjoy sugarfree, calorie-free, diet SliceOfSites!

SliceOfSites was our RailsDay 2006 project, and we’ve finally found the time to make some much needed improvements. We hope you like it!

By the way – “we” is: Mark Priestap of Designwise Studios with the design, along with Ryan Heneise of Art of Mission and Kenny Parnell of with the Ruby on Rails Kung Fu.

Check out

Any sites you think should be sliced? (of course there are ;)... Post them here, and we’ll start keeping a list.

3 Responses to “Introducing Slice of Sites”

  1. Yannick Says:
    Woohoo!!! Now if only I could actually get to guess before someone else has already solved it. :) Here are few suggestions for slices: 1. Godbit - 2. Cameron Moll - 3. Think Vitamin - 4. CSS Beauty - 5. 9rules - Just to name a few. :) Keep up the good work Ryan, Mark and Kenny.
  2. Ryan Says:
    Thanks for the suggestions Yannick! Go now and take a guess! I tried to make it a little harder to guess, so maybe now you'll have a fighting chance.
  3. Robert Says:
    Nice job Ryan and team! Looking good my friend!

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