To quote Amy Hoy, “Sorry for the suspense, but man can being up 41 hours wipe you out!”

Yes indeed. We’re now well into Wednesday, and I’m just beginning to get my brain back.

In case you missed it, Rails Day was a 24-hour programming marathon to see who could come up with the coolest Ruby on Rails app in 24 hours or less. All in all, Mark, Kenny, and I had a great time (great is relative – in this case I mean “a geeky time”). It sucked to stay up that long, but it was great to work on a purely fun project under totally intense cicrumstances with a great team. I would most definitely work with both Mark and Kenny again.

The Sneak Peek

Want to see our Rails Day project?

Here it is. I call this a sneak peek because there are still a few bugs to work out before we let this loose on the Internet. But for the most part it works as we had hoped, so you, my friends, get to see it a little early. Since you are my friends, I trust that you’ll be understanding of the several very obvious bugs in the system – hopefully we’ll get those worked out in the next few days. Your constructive feedback is of course welcome!

Without further ado…

3 Responses to “After Rails Day - Sneak Peek of”

  1. Yannick Says:
    Hey Ryan, I think it looks great, my only suggestion is that perhaps an RSS feed would be nice so that I can know when a new slice comes out. LOL I've missed the first three now. Other than that so far so good. Looking forward to the next. God Bless.
  2. Robert Says:
    Hey Ryan,looks great and is fun! Is there plans for an automatic update for a new slice when a previous slice has been guessed?
  3. Ryan Says:
    Thanks guys! Robert> Yeah, we're planning to do that. We'll probably load up a week's worth of slices ahead of time, and then they'll cycle through after they're guessed. Yannick> We'll definitely get an XML feed!

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