I hate to admit it, but I have lost documents while working on my mac. You know how it happens – typing a long document in Pages, with 35 tabs open in Safari, checking Mail, downloading attachments, then open Photoshop and… Boom. It crashes. And I forgot to save.

Strangely, there is no auto-save feature in Apple Pages or Keynote, nor any number of other OS X apps. TextMate has this feature, and I rely heavily on it. Every time I make a change to a file, I switch to the browser to check it out, and TextMate automatically saves my file. I barely even think about it, until it’s not there.

Today I discovered EverSave, a free app that auto-saves your documents for you.

EverSave is a clever tool which allows you to save all of your documents – if possible – in a specific time interval or by changing the frontmost application. This means no more data loss if applications crash.

This should definitely be built into all new OS X apps.

Download it here