Rearrange Your OS X Menu Bar

February 9th, 2009

Did you know you can rearrange the icons in your menu bar in OS X? I just figured this out by accident. Hold down the Command key, and drag the icon to move it. If you drag it out of the menu bar, it will poof and go away. Boom!

Apparently the only icon that can’t be moved is the Spotlight icon. It’s a super icon.

4 Responses to “Rearrange Your OS X Menu Bar”

  1. ian Says:

    Great tip. This doesn’t seem to work with non-Apple apps though (gmail notifier, dropbox, twitterific, etc). Am I wrong?

  2. Ben Says:

    Once I used to re-arrange the icons accidentally.. But I was unaware how it happened..I don’t even remember which key I was holding, thanks for sharing it..

  3. Zach Inglis Says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of applications don’t have this ability, so you have to rearrange the ones next to them. I think Quicksilver is an example of this.

  4. Daniel Craig Jallits Says:

    I just wanted to confirm Ian’s report. This technique only works for Apple icons. Third party applications do not respond to this technique. Great tip none the less.

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