Model Your Models

August 9th, 2006

Ever wish you could visualize the relationships in your Rails application? You could grab a marker and head to the whiteboard. Or, you could have Ruby create a little graphical representation of your application in less time than it takes your finger to come off the Return key.

I originally found this trick on hackdiary, and I’ve modified it into a rake task.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • OmniGraffle (or any diagraming application that can open *.dot files)
  • Knowledge of Rake
  • A backup of your app, just in case (you are using Subversion, aren’t you?)

Here’s the code:

desc "Create a graphical diagram of this app's models" 
task :graph do
  require "config/environment" 
  Dir.glob("app/models/*rb") { |f|
      require f
  }"#{RAILS_ROOT}/", 'w') do |file|
    file.write "digraph x {" 
      Dir.glob("app/models/*rb") { |f|
        classname = $1.camelize
        klass = Kernel.const_get classname
        if klass.superclass == ActiveRecord::Base
            puts classname
            klass.reflect_on_all_associations.each { |a|
                file.write classname + " -> " + + " [label="+a.macro.to_s+"]" 
    file.write "}"    

To use:

  1. Create a file in RAILS_ROOT/lib/tasks/graph.rake.
  2. Drop in the above code.
  3. Go to your terminal and (in the root of your application) type rake graph.
  4. Now open OmniGraffle, and go to File > Open. Look for the file in your RAILS_ROOT directory called Open it up.

Here’s what I got when I ran this script on SliceOfSites:


Link love goes to hackdiary, who originally posted this tip.

6 Responses to “Model Your Models”

  1. Robert Says:
    Nice, very nice! This will come in handy for clients that want to better understand such aspects of what we are doing with their content. I know I have had several curious questions about how it all works. This would be great to show them. Thanks Ryan!
  2. Matt Biddulph Says:
    Great work. I'm delighted to see my code reworked into a much more useful, accessible shape. A rake task is a great idea.
  3. Ryan Says:
    Thanks again for the tip Matt.
  4. Damien Tanner Says:
    If only omnigraffle was a bit better at arranging things....
  5. Ryan Says:
    Wow - Damien that is an amazing set of relationships you have there :)
  6. Raru Says:
    OmniGraffle, only available on mac, in Window to generate PNG files from "" visit following link and download "WinGraphviz.msi" on bottom of the page of that site, there is example test.vbs script code. It can use to generate PNG file, Note: on that script section"Sample data of DOT" just put your data Thanks for this cool tricks ......

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