Myers Development Studio has a great overview of the available blogging systems for Rails:

  • Typo 4
  • Mephisto
  • Simplelog
  • Radiant (which I also reviewed)
  • Comatose

This site ( runs on an old version of Typo, which I’ve been meaning to upgrade. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll either go with Typo 4 or Mephisto. Typo is really a great tool, and it’s what I’m familiar with, so I may just do the upgrade. On the other hand, I’ve toyed around with Mephisto and it’s totally beautiful and has just the right features (unlike Typo, which has every feature). Also, the developers have promised an upcoming (tremendously sexy and mac-like) Asset/File Management feature – something that most cms/blogs lack to their detriment.

The Link:

3 Responses to “Choosing a Rails Blogging System”

  1. Jim Says:
    In case if you consider our opinions, I vote for Radiant!
  2. Pete Says:
    I am so dumb with this stuff. I need to read some of the old posts to understand what these things are.
  3. Larry Myers Says:
    Ryan, Thanks for the link! I also just released my own personal CMS, Simplist, into the wild. It's not full featured like Mephisto or Typo, but definitely something for the do-it-yourself Rails developers who like to roll their own.

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