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How To Improve Your Social Media Status and Presence

how to handle social media accounts

Two worlds exist today, the physical one and the virtual version. The virtual world or the world wide web allows us to reach out to people from different parts of the world; we no longer have to literally travel for us to meet foreigners. That said, all of us have the opportunity to get to know online celebrities and social media influencers. Many people today are attracted to the idea of becoming known in the internet. For some of us who love being in the online spotlight, it is important to follow certain measures that will help us improve our social media presence.

Here, we are happy to provide ways on how social media presence can be improved. Hopefully, this helps aspiring social media influencers all over the world.

Stick to your official online accounts.

Create your official media accounts and be consistent in using these accounts. As much as possible, do not create other accounts that might confuse your potential followers. Moreover, make sure your account appears worthy of following; that is, it has valuable contents, it has consistent posts, etc.

Integrate your accounts.

Integrate or connect your different accounts to one another. This makes it much easier for your followers on one certain platform to follow you on the other online platforms. You can do this by interlinking your accounts.

Be unique but be authentic.

Find something that will make you stand out. However, make sure that you are still being your authentic self. Do not put up a fake persona because sooner or later, your followers will find out and will only take it against you.

Be professional.

Be professional when it comes to your posts, comments, or replies. That is to say that you have to get back to those who reach out to you in a manner that will earn their respect. Also, make sure your sites are professional-looking as well. No one would really want to follow an online influencer with crappy feed, blog site, etc.

Make noise online.

In other words, be active online. By being silent, you will not be noticed. However, do keep in mind that you should also not be too boisterous and obnoxious online. Make positive noise online.

how to keep active social media

Boost your following.

Whether it is on facebook, twitter, instagram, or snapchat, you have got to boost your following. Social Rank may be able to help you with this. Work hard on getting more views, likes, and followers by being determined to do your thing online whether it is through blogs, video blogs, photos, and the like.

Engage with followers.

Connect to your followers by asking them questions online or responding to their messages. The best thing to do is to treat your online contents as if you are talking to your viewers. This makes them feel involved and recognized by you.

Optimize your contents.

By using keywords, hashtags, and other optimizing methods, you are allowing the internet to help people notice you and your social media posts. Think of what viewers or internet users may be looking up online and make a content about these things.

Staying Safe On The Internet: Easy Steps To Follow

how to ensure online security

The internet is home to billions of users coming from all walks in life in all parts of the world. The reality is we can never really distinguish the good guys from the bad guys through a mere online conversation on the web. We will never really know who is truly behind the computer screens. We will never find out whoever looks into the information we post online and traces we leave behind in the virtual world.

With all of this mind, it is never wrong to be extra careful when it comes to using the internet. We post hundreds of very personal information which may be used against us. Hence, we must follow safety measures to amplify online security. After all, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

Install firewall and antivirus software.

Your firewall and antivirus software will serve as a barrier that will protect you against online threats. That said, you need to keep these up to date since using an outdated software may become useless as it would not be able to protect you from current and advanced online dangers.

Invest in a good virtual private network.

As we all know, virtual private networks will help secure our online activities. However, not all VPNs are reliable or trustworthy. For instance, there may be a lot of free VPN in Taiwan which usually provide poor services. The same rule applies anywhere else; any VPN service provider that is free of charge is usually too good to be true. Needless to say, you must pay for quality.

online shopping safety

Avoid websites that are not secured.

You will know when websites are not secured once you check out the address bar. When the link of the site you are entering does not have a padlock symbol; that site may be dangerous. It only means that the site is not protected and any information you entered on that site may not be safe.

Do online shopping only at reputable websites.

Online shopping is very common these days; many of which makes use of credit cards for online payments. This is crucial as these sites require you to enter your card information; thus, make sure you only shop at reputable sites. Look into reviews first before online shopping so as to void online shopping scams.

Customize the security settings of your social media accounts.

For every social media account you have, take the time to make it as private and secured as possible. Online hackers are ruthless these days and so, extra safety measures must be employed to ensure online security.

Be cautious when clicking links.

The problem with links is that they all look the same in the eyes of typical internet users who are not so wary. Many links tossed around online are phishing links; these are links that disguise themselves as legitimate website links but in reality, they work by obtaining information from your end. Hence, think before you click. Otherwise, the internet lurkers might get a hold of your private information.


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