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Whether you are just curious about the sea or you are planning to work offshore, there are several things you need to know about working away from land. These things may help confirm or correct your preconceived judgments and in turn, they may influence the decisions you might make for yourself or for someone you know who is leaning towards a life offshore.

What is working offshore?

From the phrase itself, working offshore literally means working off the shore. Working whilst in the middle of the sea, offshore workers are those that stay within a sea vessel for weeks and months. Most offshore jobs pertain to the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry are known for their offshore drilling, the process they carry out to extract petroleum from the rock formations underneath the seabed.

What’s it like to work offshore?

Life offshore depends largely on the type of work you belong to. Offshore workers could be part of a drilling rig, floating production or a production platform. This will dictate what type of vessel you will reside in for the next weeks and months. Usually, living quarters in the vessel are compact but comfortable. Food is not a problem when you work off shore; however, alcohol is prohibited.

For production platforms, workers usually report for 2 weeks and then rest for 2 weeks. As for workers in the exploration and drilling aspect, they usually work offshore longer.

For their free time, offshore workers are free to hang out with their workmates, play video games, watch movies and even workout in their gym.

risks of working offshore

What are the disadvantages of working offshore?

The major disadvantage of working offshore is being away from family. Besides missing your spouse and children, you will also have to work hard at living comfortably with your co-offshore workers. Avoiding conflicts and disagreements is a must but it does not come easy as well. Extreme and harsh weather conditions and natural disasters are inevitable. Furthermore, major health and safety concerns may be difficult to deal with while in the middle of the sea.

What are the safety concerns of working offshore?

There are several safety concerns when it comes to working offshore. It can range from natural disasters to unexpected accidents while at sea. Unfortunate events caused by nature may just be around the corner and offshore workers may not be able to put a fair fight against it. However, as for accidents that may be caused by co-workers or the company’s own negligence, it’s important to understand legal issues, especially those pertaining to personal injury.

Working offshore is indeed a challenge. Missing your children’s birthdays, having work disagreements and possibly encountering unexpected injuries seem to be very discouraging. However, offshore life pays well and that is why, people still go for it. Missing birthdays may mean being able to buy better presents and ensuring a better future, misunderstandings in the workplace will eventually be settled and with the help of offshore injury lawyers, accidents leading to injuries will be fairly compensated.